Chris Christensen


After serving 3-1/2 years in the Navy after high school graduation, serving in the Vietnam Conflict, Chris Christensen, IFB, went out into the private sector, and began working in the RV field of Air-conditioning, then on to owner of the largest A-C/Heating Company in Houston, Tex.. Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, he has come along ways and has traveled all over the globe. From Houston, Texas, is were he founded The Barter Industry. When the oil crunch hit Texas, it also crunched his Business. In pursuit of a new career, he went to work for a small independent Barter Company, then was offered Sales Management in Denver, Colorado. In 1986 is when he became familiar with ITEX, which at that time had only been in existence since 1982. In 1989, and opportunity to open his own ITEX office was made available to him, and it would be in Belmar, NJ. Making his office the very first official ITEX office in the North East. When Chris left Denver, he had managed to leave with a very good record, with his and his Associate Mary Scherr, who has served as Vice-President of ITEX Corporation, they made Denver the number one office in the ITEX network. C.N. Barter, Inc. Est. 1992. Since 1984, Chris has gained and grown in knowledge, ability, experience, and respect in the Barter Industry. He is respected and known for being one of the most educated Brokers in ITEX. His abilities speak for themselves, with awards every year ranging from "Circle Of Excellence" to "Broker of the Year". He has been awarded "The President�s Club award 5 years now. Circle of Excellence was introduced in 1995 and he has been awarded this every year since, with the exception of 1996. He has earned The Broker�s Choice" award, and every year is recognized, like this past year, #1, in most cash percentage collected of cash fees billed, for Office with over 300 accounts. He has in his possession, 2- two million dollar plaques, 1- three million dollar plaque, 3 - four million dollar plaques, 4 - five million dollar plaques, & 1 - six million dollar plaque. One issued per year for the amount of trade volume generated in his exchange per year. Now Owner, with his Wife Philis, of ITEX Houston Franchise, he is back home, building Houston and loving it.