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Houston, the 4th Largest City in the USA, is home to one of the Best ITEX Franchises in the entire Country! Proud Award Winners, including The President's Club, Circle of Excellence, Broker of the Year, Broker Choice Award, and many, many more.....and here is why.

"Evolve or Evaporate"

Our passion is helping business owners find every resource available to them, to help them reach their business and lifestyle goals. ITEX should be a part of every business owners business plan. Owning the ITEX Franchise for the Houston and surrounding market place, has allowed us to help many businesses all over our area grow, prosper and achieve. Is'nt it time, ITEX starting working for you? With over 40 years of combined experience, and being the longest existing ITEX Broker since conception, we know how to do it right. Call any of our Local Team, and let them show you how it will work for you. WE have the Most Experience, Best Members, Best Attitudes, Best Services, Best Rewards and they are all waiting to open new doors for you and your business.

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