Philis Santello


Philis Evon Santello-Christensen, IFB, joined ITEX as a licensed ITEX broker in 1995. In October 1996, she moved from Abilene, TX to Belmar, NJ, merging the two offices in those locations together, thereby creating one very successful office. Prior to becoming an ITEX franchisee, her accreditations include qualifications in public accounting, healthcare administration, and environmental resource studies. She has a BA in business and accounting, with a master's continuation in health care administration.

Philis was a consultant for a major environmental lab with locations in both Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX, where she was credited for researching air, soil, and water environmental conditions, with her written research consisting of over 300 pages of theory and data - covering Texas as a whole, as well as several major cities in the United States.

Philis has experience working in the role of sales manager for radio stations throughout Texas, which entailed formatting broadcast advertising. She has seven years experience in operating a home health agency and retirement villa, and is also a published author and songwriter. Sales Manager for a Major Office equipment company. She has also been awarded  the "Who's Who Among American Business Women" award, the American Biological Society's "Woman of the Year" award, as well as the Executive Female's "Business Excellence Award."

In addition to all of these accomplishments, Philis has done voiceovers for the Olive Garden Italian restaurant, as well as being a former professional musician.

Writing, music, animals, travel & family are her pleasures and hobbies, as well as continuing her Education Ph. D.

Philis loves helping ITEX members, and is proud to be back home in Texas!